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The University wishes to welcome you to Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), which is the only Public University for Health Sciences in Tanzania. We commend you for your interest to know about MUHAS and your curiosity will be satisfied as you go through this website, where you will find that MUHAS offers a variety of programmes in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, Laboratory and Allied Sciences, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
 Our website reflects both old and newly established undergraduate programmes in laboratory sciences, radiological therapy technology and nine new postgraduate programmes, conducted in five schools and one institute of the University. MUHAS also prides in a special research institute for traditional medicine.
In case you choose to study at MUHAS, you will enjoy the peaceful and excellent academic environment at the University, which is strategically located, about one kilometre from the Dar es Salaam city centre, the commercial capital of Tanzania. The University library will be your most resourceful facility as you study at MUHAS as it offers a twenty-four hours reading room, which is supported by fully equipped ICT facilities. Your learning environment at MUHAS will be made comfortable by the availability of a well established ICT system with computer laboratories and other e-learning resources. Your research interests will be well supported by these facilities and a team of seasoned researchers at the University.
It is our hope that you will find this website resourceful and you will endeavour to make full use of it during your stay at this University. It provides guidance for academic programmes, examination rules and regulations and other special academic requirements.
We take this opportunity to welcome you to this University if you have already chosen to study here and if not I hope you will be one of our potential candidates for the coming academic year.


The Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) announces its third scientific conference that will be organized with support from Sida (Sweden) and other development partners. We welcome all researchers, local and international, working in various areas of health to share their research findings with other stakeholders in this conference.
The Conference will be held in Dar es Salaam from the 28th – 30th May 2015
. Download the Advert, Registration Fees and Form   
Conference Theme: Developing Countries in transition : Addressing the  double burden of NCDs and Communicable Diseases

Research News

East and West African Sickle Cell Anaemia are Genetically Similar

African collaboration unpicks disease variations by combining local genomic research with large-scale genome-wide association techniques.
Sickle cell anaemia is most common in Africa and up to 11,000 children are born with the condition every year in Tanzania alone. Yet most of what is known about the genetic basis of this inherited disease comes from studies of US-based or UK-based African-Caribbean populations. Read More!

Research Links and Collaborations

Library Services

The University Library  is the largest national collection of health/medical resources materials. Its main function is to provide Library documentation services to support health/ medical services, research and teaching at the University.Read More!

ICT Services

The University provides ICT services to academic staff, students, researchers and administrative staff. These services include e-mail services, internet services, telephone services, ICT training services, consultancy services,. 
Read More!

Kalenga Guest House
The MUHAS Kalenga Guest House (KGH) is a comfortable and safe place for researchers, faculty, fellows and residents located along Kalenga Street plot No 490, Upanga area.

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